Minecraft Hunger Games Tournament, 10-11


Console: All games will be played on the Apple Consoles in the Mac Lab.

Tournament Play: Each person plays for himself or herself in a fight to the explosion tournament. Alliances are allowed but seating order will be randomly drawn for preliminary rounds.

Preliminary Rounds: During the “Preliminary Rounds” your goal to survive until the last six competitors.  This will advance you to the “Championship” round beginning at 11. A deathmatch will occur in the preliminary round to guarantee the last six survivors.  Don’t go out as the seventh survivor!

Championship Round: The top six survivors from each of the three “Preliminary Rounds” will log on and outwit each other until the last brick person/icon is standing. At three minutes left a “Deathmatch” will take place so all of you camping noobs will be forced to scrap it out.




“THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!” said Duncan McCleod.

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