Participation Requirements

In order to participate in any of the contests scheduled to take place during the “C.M.S.tival”, you must meet all of the following requirements.

Participants must not have any 4th Qtr. “F’s” on their sapphire grade report. 

  • Reports will be reviewed the Friday before the event. 
  • Any student with one or more “F’s”, will be assigned to knowledge commons for the day until work has either been made up or the school day has ended.

Participants must not have any outstanding detention time. 

  • If a student has outstanding detention time, the student will be assigned to a detention hall until it has been fulfilled.
  •  Upon time being fulfilled, the student will be released to attend the “C.M.S.tival”

Participants must adhere to all CMS rules and regulations during the “C.M.S.tival”. 

  • Any actions or behaviors, which would merit discipline, during a normal school day, should be avoided at all costs. 
  • We will enforce the CASD policies found in your handbooks.

All participants are to follow the CASD approved dress code. 

  • Students are encouraged to create team wear, which adorns the CMS logo.