Flag Football Rules Simplified

1 All players must wear appropriate clothing (short, t-shirt, sneakers).

2 Rosters are limited to 9 players.  Six players are on the field at one time and at least two must be girls.

3 Games are played to 21 points or 12 minutes (continuous clock).  Field size is 60yd X 30yd.  The game is started and restarted after a score by a punt or a throw from the scoring team.

4 Touchdowns=6 points, and the conversion =1 point.  Conversions consist of an offensive play from the five-yard line.

5 All players are eligible to receive a pass.  Receiver must have at least one foot in bounds for a completion.

6 The ball must be snapped through the legs of the center to the QB.  The QB is not permitted to run unless rushed.

7 A defensive player may rush after a 5second count, unless the ball is handed-off.

8 The offensive team has four downs to score.  Failing to do so results in a change of possession, to be started where the last play ended.

9 Any ball that hits the ground after it contacts a player is dead.  There are no fumbles.

10         Only obstruction type blocking (arms extended) are permitted.

11         All offensive penalties = loss of down / defensive penalties=first down.

Any disciplinary action required=ejection.

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